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1: How much time is needed to perform the job?

Normally, it takes around 90 to 150 minutes, depending upon the size of the house and certain other factors.

2: How much time does it take to Dry?

Usually, the carpets dry in between 8 to 24 hours depending on many factors like; size, thickness, weather and ventilation. Though you may continue a gentle walk on it, but we recommend that you wait until it gets dry completely.

3: Do you use chemicals? Are they free from any side effects?

As we have stated earlier that our major concern is 'quality services' and 'customer satisfaction'. Therefore, we use top of the line products for cleaning purposes that meet the set standards of the industry. We not only take advice from our own experts but also seek manufacturer's advices to take extra benefit. We also make sure that the products are environment friendly and we are proud to say that all of our chemicals and most commonly used items are approved by Environment Protection Agency.

4: Do you move all the furniture while cleaning?

We move easily movable items like chairs and sofas. However, for beds, china cabinets and dressers, we ask you to remove knickknacks from the furniture you want to move. Our organic cleaning services and process have been designed in a customer friendly manner, so they will not bother you any way. Unlike us, some companies charge extra for moving services.

5: How useful fiber protectors are?

Many people take fiber protectors as a perfect alternative to cleaning; however, it is important to note that they are not a reliable solution and cannot protect the carpet from dirt. They have been designed to protect carpets from stains and increase their life-span. However, their proper application to the carpet is a must thing for positive results.

6: What is the order placement process at Carpet Cleaning Contractors?

The order placement and information seeking system is very simple, quick and easy. You can consult us via telephone, email or live chat. All you need to do is to provide us the required details about you, address and services required. Once you provide the required information, our support team forwards it to the field operations and in a very short span of time, our professional carpet cleaning team reaches your prescribed address for your service.

7: Where to find more information about you?

Browse our website or contact our customer support if you do not find required information.
Though we offer high quality services, yet we always try to be as flexible on price as possible. In this regard, we have tried to make a list of components that make up the total cost of service. We give customers complete freedom to select the required elements of service. This not only helps us provide the services that clients actually need but also saves tremendous valuable amount for the clients. This customization facility makes our services more than inexpensive.
In this regard we have two categories;

  • Fixed price category
  • Quotable price category

There are certain services such as standard leather cleaning; we have fixed price and specification for that. However, when the client requires more than one service, we offer quotes on the basis of given factors.
In this regard, you can consult our customer support and provide details of the factors to determine the intensity and level of service. Once you provide all of the required details, we will be better in a position to offer our quality rug cleaning Virginia services.
It is very simple to determine the cost, just give us a call to get your custom quote.

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