How to Keep Carpets Clean

People usually clean their carpets with a vacuum cleaner and sometimes with a vinegar solution or a detergent. These carpets may look clean to the naked eye but the reality is underneath the surface a number of allergens and other irritants might be present, which are dangerous for health. Mold usually develops when the carpet is left wet for a long period of time Molds not only produce a musty smell in the house but they also attract other allergens, which may cause serious allergies. That is why allergies are common in houses where there are carpeted floors.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the beauty and attractiveness of carpets. Professional carpet cleaning service can effectively help remove all types of molds and other stubborn stains off the surface of carpets. They would use a wet or dry method for cleaning the carpet completely depending on the severity of the conditions. That is why you need the mold removal pros as Dry methods are usually preferred because mold builds up in moist areas. Furthermore, it is not easy to dry carpets that are installed in homes especially if professional blow dryers are not available.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Complete Mold Removal

There are tons of mold species that grow in different areas in a house. Some of them grow underneath the carpet surface where there are already bacteria and other germs as well as dust, which mold spores feed on. If the area is moist and the climate is also damp, all these conditions encourage further and sometimes uncontrollable mold growth. Keeping your carpets mold free is therefore very important in order to ensure proper health and well-being of everyone living in the house.

Step by Step Mold Removal

Mold removal involves identifying mold in carpets as a first step. Professional carpet cleaning service uses efficient cleaning techniques that not only remove the bad odor but also the stains that follow as a result of mold removal. The cleaners will also inspect all other areas of the house including the basement for additional mold growth. Sometimes you may need to consult with a Certified Mold Remediation Professional to help identify mold growth and spores. At times the carpet is ruined by mold to such an extent that it would require replacement. The professional cleaners would let you know if the carpet has been completely ruined and there is very little chance of getting rid of the mold completely. However, they will try their best to save your carpet from damaging further by removing all types of mold effectively using the latest tools and cleaning apparatus.


Asthma and other types of allergies are very common nowadays and one of the major causes of these allergies is mold development in hidden areas of the house. Carpet is one of the high-risk areas for mold growth in a house or office. Basement carpets are usually infected with mold and other allergens because of the regular temperature changes and high-moisture conditions. It is important not only to identify mold growth but also control it and clean the carpets completely to ensure long-term health. A professional cleaning service will help in saving your expensive carpets from getting ruined because of mold growth. These cleaners will also determine if the mold has spread deeper and if the carpets need replacement.


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