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Pressure Washing and Softwash




We take pride in our workmanship which includes our professional pressure power wash service. We have been cleaning vinyl siding for over 10 years and can remove almost any staining on your siding specially mold stains, rust, and algae growth. Our pressure washing service incorporates state of the art equipment and cleaning procedures that remove the grim and dirt marks off your siding without damaging your landscape! How? All our chemicals and detergents are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to plants and vegetation around your property. Let us give your home a fresh look!



It is important to know the difference between hiring a company that offers pressure washing and hiring a company that specializes in cleaning vinyl siding. See pressure washing is not always the answer as in some cases if the siding was installed without a back splash protective sheet the water will seep through the siding and damage the wood behind. That is why in some cases we use a different approach as opposed to the standard pressure power wash service. For example, one way to clean siding that cannot withstand water exposure is by using a pre-mixture of detergent, applying to the surface area, and letting it sit for 20 – 30 minutes allowing it to break down the mold and mildew. Once the stains have been dissolved you simply rinse the siding using a water hose with little to no pressure.





With all the construction in various neighborhoods and the yearly street cleans, it is safe to safe that the exterior of your home could very well be collecting a substantial amount of dirt that hides its shiny colors. Pro Cleaning Contractors has a range of pressure washers that we use for our pressure power wash service, as well as special brushes designed specifically for cleaning various home exteriors. Whether you have vinyl siding, stucco, or brick, or concrete our equipment and tools will remove almost any surface stain and reveal the beauty of your home once again. We have over 7 years of experience in pressure washing different types of elevations and can help you make the right choice with respect to the best solutions and compounds to use depending on the surface area that needs to be cleaned.

House Washing, Patio Washing, gutter cleaning are just a few of the many services we have offered to our customers over the past decade. If you are looking for a professional pressure washing and property cleaning service, call and you will put you in touch with the company to meet your needs.

Concrete Pressure Washing

Exterior House Washing

Our soft washing technique safely cleans all surfaces. We are equipped and educated in property cleaning to address any cleaning requirements related to your project.  Vinyl, dryvit, stucco, brick, aluminum and wood siding are just a few of the many surfaces that we clean on a daily basis. We do it right, we do it safely, and the results are excellent!

Patios, Driveways and Sidewalks

Our surface cleaners are designed to float across you patio or pool apron to evenly and effectively clean your flatwork. Pavers, Sidewalks, Patios clean up well with the correct equipment, detergents and techniques. Avoid unsightly lap marks from pressure washing these surfaces with a wand and high pressure. Let our surface cleaners, hot water pressure washing and our trained technicians give you the results you deserve.  We have many tools to address specific needs including recovery surface cleaners that pick up the wash water when needed to optimize the outcome.

While we are at your property  we can clean your roof and clean & restore your deck or house. Visit out wood restoration or roof cleaning pages to learn more about all our services. We also restored the siding on this cedar home.